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© Copyright Attic Light 2015

About Attic Light

Where does the name come from?

Sally uses her photography as the basis of the majority of her work. The word ‘photo’ is from the Greek for ‘light’.

And she has a studio at Studio in the Attic, St Michael’s in Bridport (which she shares with portrait artist Elizabeth Sporne).

So the name is derived from a combination of the medium in which she works and the space she occupies.

© Copyright Attic Light 2015

Sally has always been drawn to create in one way or another. She began making her own clothes as a teenager and continued in earnest after attending art college in the sixties.

After 21 years designing her own range of children’s and ladies’ fashion, another creative hobby emerged as a new career. Sally’s love of horticulture and the outdoors inspired her to set up in garden design with a small nursery selling some of the more unusual plants.

Sally noticed that a good photograph helped buyers to envisage what a plant might look like in flower. She also discovered a passion for photography and began making greetings cards using photographs of her plants. After 10 years digging the hard earth in summer and freezing at Farmers Markets in the winter, Sally immersed herself fully in photography.

Over the last nine years, she has returned to her art college training to explore photographic art as a way of communicating the beauty she sees in the natural world.

Of course, she’s still passionate about clothes (that jacket she’s wearing is original sixties) and gardens.

Sally Davies

Sally’s Garden - The inspiration for her flower images